Turn any calendar into a powerful metrics source

You already track your life in your calendar, now create useful insights from that data.

  • How long since I last took a holiday?
  • What's the day I most commonly go to the gym?

QueryCal lets you answer these questions and more by letting you query your calendar with SQL.

A splitscreen showing a calendar and a Grafana metrics dashboard created from the calendar events

Works with any calendar

QueryCal works with any service that lets you share your calendar in iCal format. Whatever your calendar, you can easily give QueryCal read-only access.

Query using real SQL

QueryCal uses the SQLite database engine to execute your queries. Calculate metrics as complicated as you like using the full power of SQL.

Easy to integrate

Whether it's Grafana, Google Sheets, or Home Assistant, QueryCal easily connects with your existing tools.

Try it for yourself

This demo lets you query the Holidays in United Kingdom calendar. It's running the same SQLite query engine that's used by the rest of QueryCal so can run any SQL query you like. The database schema is described here in the docs.

The example query calculates how many holiday days there are in each month.

Number of calendars
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Query using SQL
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Every 15 minutes
50,000 queries/day
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