Google Sheets

How to export your calendar to Google Sheets (or other tools that support CSV) #

Although Google Sheets can’t run SQL queries directly, you can use QueryCal’s Saved Queries feature along with the IMPORTDATA function in Google Sheets to get live query results.

To get started, first create a Saved Query from your QueryCal dashboard. In this example I’m using a simple query to get all the events called “Holiday” from my calendars: A screenshot of the QueryCal dashboard showing an example saved query

Clicking “Copy URL” gives you a secret link that returns the results of your saved query in CSV format. Your URL will look something like this:
Keep this URL safe. Anyone with the URL can get the results of your saved query.

Now, in your Google Sheet just create a cell with the formula:


This will cause Google Sheets to fetch the latest results of your saved query and display them in your sheet.