Database schema

Database Schema #

events table #

Column Type Description
uid text A unique ID that identifies a calendar event. Note, a recurring event will have multiple rows with the same uid
summary text A short summary of the event (often called the “title” of the event)
description text A longer description of the event
categories text
start datetime The time the event starts
end datetime The time the event ends
created datetime When this event was created
last_modified datetime When this event was last modified
location text A textual description of this event’s location
latitude real The latitude of the event
longitude real The longitude of the event
url text The URL of the event
status text The status of the event
organizer text The name/email of the person who created this event
attendees text A JSON string mapping invitees to whether they have accepted the invite
is_recurring numeric Whether or not this event is recurring, 0 = false, 1 = true
recurrence_id text The ID of the recurring event rule that resulted in this instance of the event
sequence integer A version number that is incremented whenever the time of the event is changed
comment text Any comments on the event