Adding a calendar

Adding a calendar to QueryCal #

QueryCal supports any calendar that you can share using an iCal link. This is almost all of them!

The process of getting your calendar’s iCal link varies depending on the software you use. We’ve linked below to instructions from each of the most common calendar services.

Once you’ve got the iCal link for you calendar, adding it to QueryCal is easy through your dashboard.

After following one of the guides below to find the iCal link for your calendar, you can add it to QueryCal using the Calendars section in the dashboard.

Screenshot of the “Calendar” panel in the QueryCal dashboard

QueryCal doesn’t come with any calendars by default so to start off with this panel will be empty.

To add a new calendar:

  1. Enter a name into the first field. This is to help you remember which calendar this link refers to.
  2. Paste the iCal link into the second field.
  3. Click “Add”.

QueryCal will then validate that your link is accessible and points to a valid iCal file. Once these checks have completed, your new calendar will appear in the list.

Screenshot of the “Calendar” panel in the QueryCal dashboard with a new calendar added

Google Calendar #

You can find instructions on how to get the iCal link for a Google calendar here: