QueryCal Documentation #

QueryCal is a service that takes your calendars and lets you query them as if they were an SQL database. You can use QueryCal for things like:

  • Calculating metrics based on your calendar events.
  • Correlating events between your different calendars.
  • Alerting based on upcoming events.

Getting Started #

To get started with QueryCal there’s just two simple setup steps:

  1. Add your calendars so QueryCal can index them and let you query the events.
  2. Create an access token to let you query your events and integrate QueryCal with other tools.

You can now connect and run SQL queries on your calendar 🎉

Recipes for using QueryCal #

Because QueryCal runs a full SQLite query engine, you can do almost any analysis you want on your calendars.

To get your started, here’s a few recipes: